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Eyal Shani's signature roasted cauliflower (Abraxus North, Tel Aviv)

Eyal Shani’s signature roasted cauliflower (Abraxus North, Tel Aviv)

Tel Aviv, the culinary capital of Israel is full of gastronomic diversity, due to the wanderings and innovative discoveries made by Israel’s hungry young chefs, as explored in Ruth Nieman’s latest article, published today on The Culture Trip.

Exploring this eclectic group of chefs through their travels to Michelin starred establishments throughout Europe and the Far East and back to the vibrant metropolis of Tel Aviv, the array of assorted tastes and flavours can be found in their restaurants.

Taste the authenticity of the individual chef’s styles in Abraxas North, Taizu, Raphael, Tapas Ahad Ha’Am or Nanuchka, where the unique style of  Georgian cuisine, where meat is known to be the key ingredient, has been turned into a Vegan haven, where tofu, soya and legumes stand proud…..






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