Month: June 2015


The grapefruit contains large amounts of Vitamin C and fibre and has long been thought to have fat burning properties, which means since 1930’s it has been a ‘successful’ way to diet without going to the gym!! Israel is the largest exporter of grapefruits to the UK and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Professor Yaakov Nahmias has been carrying out research into the chemical ‘naringenin’ thought to be responsible for burning fat. Naringenin is thought to kick-start the process of fat metabolising in our livers, but to have any effect on our waistlines, you would need to consume 40 grapefruits at any one time….


Himalayan Goji Berries have become global superfoods and one of the healthiest fruits in the world, due to their natural anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial and anti-oxidant properties which help to boost the immune system and enhance strength and longevity. Goji has been imported from China in the form of powder and sold in Israel for many years, but its benefits are not as potent as the berries themselves. In a small field in Avigdor in southern Israel, Goji berries, also known as ‘Wolfberries’ are being grown, but at 200 NIS a kilo (¬£33 or $53), this reddish berry, that resembles a shrivelled cherry tomato may have topped the superfoods list, but has also shot to the fame as one of the most expensive superfoods on the market….


Today is ‘International Falafel Day’ and the world is celebrating the nearest thing Israel has to a national dish….the falafel. This is the 4th year that the spiced chickpea or fava bean deep fried ball has been honoured and with it’s popularity ever growing, it has now become the most famous of Israel’s street food. A healthy, inexpensive snack, full of protein and readily available, falafel is served in a soft pitta with a chopped salad of tomatoes and cucumber and lashings of tahini, which drips down your chin as you take your first bite….delicious! So next time you are on the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel that serves the native dish…..grab one and devour it and let us know where you bought it,[caption