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The Galilean Kitchen…..a cookbook in the making

Within the rural region of the Galilee, home to a diverse ethnic population, culture and flavours mingle together in the local kitchens where traditional dishes are cooked. Through the eyes and palates of home cooks, The Galilean Kitchen will immerse you in authentic cooking from a social, cultural and culinary perspective, allowing you to re-create the delicious flavours in your own kitchens.

Inspired by my love of Middle Eastern food and the beautiful Galilee of Northern Israel, I am writing a book that enters into the untapped area of Druze villages, surrounded by olive and citrus groves and where with local seasonal produce alone, Sinye, Hubeza & F’tir are prepared from recipes that have been passed through the generations. Coupled with the stories of the local home cooks, their heritage and passion for food, The Galilean Kitchen will be a cookbook with a difference and one to look out for, when it reaches the shelves at the end of the year….

As part of the social element of this project, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up to raise funds for producing, publishing and distributing this beautiful cookbook, full of cultural flavours, whilst promoting a co-operation between the people of this area and discovering new culinary delights too….

Read our story and prepare yourself for a Galilean feast at:



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