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Freekeh, Wild Wheats & Ancient Grains

Freekeh, Wild Wheats & Ancient Grains are re-emerging from our historical, biblical and cultural past as the modern staples, in our quest for healthy eating. The lost crops have vanished from the ancient civilisations of forgotten eras, reappearing on the global culinary agenda as the nutritious grains that are to reenergise our palates, body and mind. From a breadth of research in the fields of Northern Israel and years of cooking the green, unripe seeds of wheat, Ruth Nieman explores the traditional agricultural process of gleaning the wheat, roasting the husks on open fires and rubbing the skins to expose the nutty kernels, with the distinctive smokey flavour and delights the reader with innovative, contemporary recipes for the cracked wheat. Freekeh, Wild Wheat & Ancient Grains takes the reader to the foothills of Mount Hermon, where the wild wheat of Emmer was discovered in 1906, and into the biblical Judean hills where the domestication of einkorn, khorasan, spelt and other cereal grains was said to have taken place. With reference to the Old Testament, historical …

Tel Aviv takes top spot for vegan travellers….

In 2012, Tablet Magazine noticed Tel Aviv was looking to cater for vegans as part of it’s culinary diversity and has now become the top destination of vegan travellers and holidaymakers. More and more Israeli’s are becoming vegans in an attempt to eat a more nutritious and healthy diet, packed full of fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses nuts and grains, yet still wishing to enjoy the culture of eating out. Israel’s national dish of falafel with tahini and salad in pitta found on every street corner is a delight for all vegan’s and now Tel Aviv has become famous for its vegan cafes and restaurants, including Domino’s, serving a vegan pizza. A year ago, Nanuchka opened it’s doors as a vegan Georgian restaurant and with excellent reviews, has become a thriving restaurant for all lovers of good food, vegan or otherwise….