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Israel’s good cheese guide….


With the emphasis on Israel’s cuisine being heavily placed upon dairy, it is not surprising that there is an increase across the country in boutique dairies, providing innovative alternatives to traditional cheeses.

Until recently the larger companies and supermarkets were the main suppliers of Israel’s dairy staples such as cottage cheese, cream cheese and labneh, the Middle Eastern cheese made with cow, goats or sheep milk.

Throughout Tel Aviv, Israel’s culinary capital, quaint little delicatessens and Fromageries have been selling delicious cheeses and all forms of dairy products to chefs, restaurants and cheese lovers alike, produced both in the country and imported from France, Italy and Holland.

In my latest article for The Culture Trip, A Cheese Lover’s Guide To Tel Aviv, discover where artisan cheese and dairy products are being sourced, to create new and exciting dishes, both sweet and savoury.


recipe: labneh

  • 500g natural yoghurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • olive oil, zaatar, black pepper, fresh oregano leaves & pistachios, to serve

take a large square of muslin/cheesecloth rinse in cold water & wring dry
line a colander with the cloth, draped over the sides, place colander over bowl to catch the whey
mix the salt into the yoghurt & pour into the muslin
fold the cloth over the mixture & twist the top, place in the refrigerator overnight
discard the whey & place the thickened creamy cheese into a bowl
drizzle over the olive oil, black pepper & zaatar, garnish with oregano & pistachios…..

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