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The Galilean Kitchen … a cookbook with a difference

This time last year, the groves of the Galilee began their annual production of organic olive oil and I started writing this beautiful cookbook, The Galilean Kitchen.

It has been a year in the making (involving lots of writing and LOTS of tasting) and it is with great excitement, I am proud to announce, that it is nearly ready to bring you the best of this lush region’s dishes, full of cultural flavours.

A cookbook with a difference, The Galilean Kitchen is full of recipes for family meals, using Middle Eastern staples, vegetables and spices, with each page containing tips and easy to find ingredients to cook these dishes in your own kitchen. It tells the stories of the women who have parted with their family recipes, as well as the regions seasonal produce.

It is not too early to start ticking presents off your Chanukah/Christmas list so order your first edition copy now and look forward to cooking from an untapped cuisine that is waiting to be unleashed into every kitchen.

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